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Realizing an Integrated Electronic Commerce Portal System

Presented at the Americas Conference on Information Systems, August 10-13, 2000 in Long Beach, California, organized and published by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).


This experience report describes the design and implementation of an electronic commerce portal system for insurance companies. The object-oriented design using UML, the realization of Java adaptors for the integration of heterogeneous subsystems, and the use of the middleware CORBA for communication within the portal were objectives of the IPSI project realized by the University of Dortmund in cooperation with several insurance and software companies.



Book, M., Gruhn, V., Schöpe, L.: Realizing an Integrated Electronic Commerce Portal System. Chung, M.H. (Ed.): Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2000), August 10-13, 2000, Long Beach, California, USA. Association for Information Systems (AIS) 2000, 156-162

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This work has been partially supported by ESPRIT Project Process Instance Evolution (PIE) under sign 34840.

© 2000 Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn, Lothar Schöpe